Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Cash In Hand

In some tribes a boy, when becoming a man, is sent into the woods. He is afraid because he fears he is alone, but unknown to him, his father watches over him the whole night.

The report today is set to help those most in need, and is I feel another example of the strength and reassuring increasing self confidence in Labour and Gordon Brown once again.

It has struck me over the past few weeks how much more confident the PM is looking. No one would say he's been politically capitalising on the economic situation, but one could argue that in these times of need his steady hand guides us in a safe but bold direction.

Supporting pensioners, small businesses and working families.

I don't understand half the stuff he talks about, but I trust him, and it seems to be working.

Friday, 21 November 2008

George Launches Campaign

George started his campaign at Edinburgh Uni yesterday by chatting to students and asking them what issues were of concern.

The evening news picked it up well, and it can be found here.

I'm really pleased the campaign got off to a positive start, and I hope it can continue for our campaign for George and others'.

By George I hope he gets it!! (Yeh- that's right... I used it again... It was just that good...)

Thursday, 20 November 2008

George for Rector of Edinburgh University

George has spent his life supporting Edinburgh and its great University

I am pleased to announce that today George Foulkes will declare his candidacy for Rector of Edinburgh University.

George will be kicking off his campaign in the Union's Teviot Library Bar at 3pm today. He hopes that it will give him an opportunity to talk to students and allow them to make a 'wish for Christmas', where students and staff they can write on a decoration and hang it on a Christmas tree.

Since 1963 George has served Edinburgh University.

It was that year he was elected Senior President of the Student's Representative Council, and he later went to become President of the Scottish Union of Students (now NUS Scotland).

Throughout his career he has been a big supporter of the university and all that it does to be one of the finest educational institutions of the world, and he hopes that as of February 2009, he will become the highest representative for all students and staff, and serve the university once more.

By George I hope he gets it!!! (Please laugh at the line- it took me ages thinking it up...)

For details of the Edinburgh University Rectorial Elections, including a timeline and rules, click here with this trendy link thing I've got...

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

A call for peace to the BNP

I found out yesterday about the full list and addresses of BNP members being published, but decided against blogging about it as I didn't want to spread knowledge of the situation, and wanted to wait and see how the press picked it up.

However, I noticed it's on the front page of The Times today, so it's kinda out there...

I searched all the Edinburgh ones, and one the members actually backs onto my house!

I beg everybody, however much we all resent the BNP, to not lower themselves down to their level, and engage with them at the ballot box; not the front door with an egg... Although I admit the latter sounds more fun...

On facebook, many Labour students who I'm friends with have put out very public statements and links to this list, encouraging people to give the people featured on the list much more than just grief.

I am completely opposed to violent action against any of them.

If nothing else, the list may be wrong.


Tuesday, 18 November 2008

John Swinney is a lovely man

I'd heard a fair bit about John Swinney from people who knew him or had met him a number of times.

He'd always struck me as someone I wish I got to know, after having heard that in recent years his wife Elizabeth was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and that much of his time (and more than he would admit to) is spent caring for her. That kind of strength and grace within an individual is something which I have always greatly admired.

I, however, had the privilege of seeing one of his modest gestures for myself.

While in the Member's Restaurant this week with other Labour people we noticed that John was sat at the table next to us. He shared a laugh with a colleague as he over heard his name, and the best of luck was passed to him from our table to his in regards to the Scottish Politician of the Year Awards that were on that night.

During the meal, newly elected Glenrothes MP Lindsay Roy walked in. As heads turned, I looked straight over to John, expecting to see a roll of the eyes or an obvious blank [please insert *bothered* here] look. But instead, once he'd given Lindsay a chance to talk to the people he was clearly meeting, John politely excused himself without fuss from the table and approached Lindsay, shaking his hand and congratulating him on his recent success.

Our table of "we will literally die Labour" people started talking about it, and all of us reluctantly agreed that he seemed like a fairly decent guy. But we seemed embarrassed, and we shouldn't have been.

They spoke for a while, and while I couldn't hear every word, I took a great deal from that conversation.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Put that in my big bag of bothered. (If it'd fit...)

He'll not be as pretty once I've finished with him...

I was concerned to hear, while out for a pint with new Councillor Cammy Day of Edinburgh Forth, that John Loughton had been on the war path following my blog about his candidacy for Councillor of the same ward last week.

He apparently made frantic phone calls, following the discovery of my horrific blog which highlighted the fact he'd been to Labour and the Liberals for a seat before being forced to stand as an independent, asking who I was and what I had to do with anything.

He also said he wanted to "kick my f**king head in", and that he'd "batter" me the next time he saw me. So at least we can't criticise him for being a bad loser...

Cammy managed to secure almost 10 times as many votes as he did, and although none of us will be able to beat his ego, there are many people from many other parties who will be able to beat him on character, credibility and judgement.

I await my beating with great anticipation.

Saturday, 8 November 2008

What a pleasant surprise

It's strange how quickly you become used to things, not necessarily because they're the way they should be, but just because they're the way they sometimes are.

I felt back in Glasgow East that Labour could really do with a win, not just for political or social reasons, but for our sense of self, and self esteem. I think Glenrothes delivered that for the party, and that is invaluable.

Who does Lindsay Roy remind me of again?- oh yeh, Barack Obama. Anyway, I was pretty pleased with his win too. I believe the opinion people have of America will fundamentally change in the months to come.

There was another thing. I remember being given the 'two-fingered salute' on my way back from Glasgow East by a car load of SNP campaigners. I don't think they speak for everyone, but I reflected on how no such incident in my knowledge had occurred with Labour supporters. (And then there was John Prescott...) Anyway... I heard there was a line between confidence and arrogance, and I believe in Glenrothes it was confidence that overcame an arrogant SNP, and I hope that it is that which is the future face of Scotland.